Colors and coatings you can trust.

At Miami Paint, we take pride in our personal touch, strong reputation and history of quality and service. Our business goes beyond colors and coatings, emphasizing both the processes and the products that propel our clients to the next level in scaling their business from body shop to collision center.

It can’t just be any color

Colors separate luxury brands. Evoke emotion. Elevate quality. Color is the difference between not quite, almost and just like new.

And in the collision business, you’re shooting for that fresh off the lot color matching you can pin your reputation on.

Your customers trust you to keep their vehicles looking as good as new. If you can’t depend on your vendors, your customers can’t depend on you, and your reputation can turn, as quickly as one bad Google review.

Enhance the color of your reputation

Choose a vendor you can count on. Contact Miami Paint

We believe in partnerships

Your success is our success.

Our hope is that we can create a long-term, mutually-beneficial partnership that emphasizes efficiency in your shop and keeps you top of mind for quality and dependability for your customers.

Impressions are everything

No one knows better than you that impressions matter, and the first one is the only chance you get to turn a customer into a loyal advocate for your business. Back up your business, and give a boost to your quality control with BASF-backed service and products that keep you ahead of the competition.